Art DeadEnd

Sometimes I think I’m just not improving with my art work. I’ve been looking at some really good artists early works and I have to say they look a lot like when I started drawing, but over time they began to pull away and created their own art style. Then I go and look at my work and while I have gone a long way at the same time I still feel very main steam, I’m stuck in a “alright” artist position when I really want to be an awesome artist.

So due to my increase of tf2 fan art I kinda want to pull away from the anime and manga style that I love so dearly and go more cartoony and maybe from there a bit realistic. I use to think if I could change the way I drew faces it’ll be alright, but as I do a bit of studying and looking around it’s more then just the face and head shape, the body seems to help with the art style as well and the way you colour.

I suppose I really should put all those anatomy books I have to use and do some study. I also need to learn how to draw hands… that are attached to arms and such, I can draw hands… just not very well and they look even worst when attached.

*fail artist*


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