The Lab Room

I actually drew something that wasn’t tf2 related nor was it done half-asses, well ok I got kind-a lazy and tired towards the end of working on it, I really need to stop doing that. XP


The lab room
Tablet (Wacom)
OpenCanvas 3
Photoshop CS3

This is Geno, he’s a character of mine for a comic that’s in my head. I’m not sure why but I felt like drawing him today.

I’ve had an idea for a comic called “The Asylum” in my head for a while now, I’ve got an idea of the world it’s set in, the characters that take place, the way it should end, but I don’t really know what plot I should add to it to make it work all nicely together. It’s one of those things where there are so many things that need to be explained but can’t be done easily. Maybe one day I’ll start writing out a script and see what happens.

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