Six Years

There’s an art meme going around showing off your art work over the past 6 years, I’ve been drawing for about 8 or so now, I started off with zero skills :D In the early years I had a lot of free time so I kept drawing, over and over trying to improve myself, I also watched a lot of anime to understand stuff :P


For most of the year I was using pen and paper and a crappy scanner, I had very little idea how to use photoshop and I used the pain bucket a lot. Towards the end of the year I got my first tablet and started to use OpenCanvas.


Still learning how to draw with a tablet I began doing crappy backgrounds. I was playing gaia online around this time and did commissions of people’s avatars.


I stopped drawing background due to laziness. learnt to use the blur tool when colouring skin to make things more smooth. I also started to take images from OC to photoshop to add extra details (like TEXT!) Also eyes became more round.


Started to put colour in backgrounds rather then just leaving them white, also started to get lazy with my colouring as well. Tried to do different poses and what not as well.


Didn’t have much time to draw any more, most of my drawings were for people’s birthdays, I drew images on a larger scale and did my best to add as much detail into the little things as I could


I started to lighten the light art and tried to create softer looking art works. mucked around with OC textures to add detail into things like clothes.


Didn’t have much time in 2009 for art work, I tired to do different things but never really put everything into my art work XP not until the end of semester 2 where I had more free time to drawing.

When I look back on all my art work, it seems as the years went by the busier I got and the less I drew, in fact, in 2009 I did like 5 drawings. how sad.


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