Comikaze 24hr Comic Challenge 2009


A number of weeks ago I entered the Comikaze 24hr Comic Challenge. I had a lot of fun and while I’m a pretty crappy writer I came up with a some what not that bad comic plot and script. Towards the end of my 24 hours I was really worried that I wouldn’t get everything done in time, but I was some what lucky and finished with about 20mins left. During the making of my comic I changed my idea of how the story would end like three times, I think if I didn’t change my mind so much I wouldn’t have so many plot holes and I would have had more time to spread the comic out across the pages instead of cramming the ending into a few pages. ^^; my bad. I’m hoping next year I’ll be able to take part of Comikaze again, like pyweek it’s always nice to see what you create in such a short time. They are little burst of creativity that form quickly enough before you get bored. Other projects tend to drag on for too long and never get finished =_=;

Anyways the comic can be read here

I gave it such a long and stupid name O-o I really don’t know what I was thinking at the time…

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