Saving sheep – WIP

Hey cool, I did work today =D

Screen shot (with caps!) of the flash game I’m currently working on for DIM2, pyweek is next week so I’m trying to get most of my assignments done and out of the way.

Saving sheep is a flash game made for the wii, it’s basically a tower defence game. Right now you can drag the turrent around the screen as well as change it’s direction it faces, it shoots one bullet at a time. The robots will head towards the sheep and can be shot at and destroyed.

While I know right now everything are just simple shapes I really like how the game is looking, I kind-a wish I could keep the graphics they way they are but if I want the good grades then I need to put in some real effort and make it all purdy-like. Hopefully later tonight I’ll have drawn some sheep and turrents and robots.